Sales is our Hobby & we teach the Art of Selling

                                                                                              OUR MISSION

To provide most practical, customized, engaging & interesting training initiatives to produce Business Results

Complete ownership of the training & Consulting projects undertaken.

Value Customer’s money ,time & efforts.

Work with Passion & Enthusiasm.

Offer Complete Solution to Customer’s Problems.

Special attention on the assessments.

                                                                                             OUR VISION

To become the most preferred training & Consulting company for providing Sales Training at all levels and compose sales careers

Online & Offline Training Solutions


Our founder is having > 30 years of Sales Management experience & understands the SALES DOMAIN with perfection.

Experience The importance of Job Ready Sales training is growing by the day. Competitive business environment has made it necessary that each employee performs his / her best in order that the company keeps pace with the others doing the same business. Further, the technology is developing so fast that many tried and tested practices of business are becoming obsolete. In these circumstances greater emphasis on training is just the right approach followed by modern organizations.

In the US expenses on training were almost 20% more last year than the previous year. In our country business organizations are becoming serious about training only now. Even large corporates like Banks and other financial institutes who may be having their own training colleges did not take the necessary care and steps about training as an integral part of management policy.

They have been nominating their own executives for training activities without properly understanding the inherent qualities of a good trainer. Knowing the subject, the trade, its ins and outs and performing a few or more functions of the organization too does not by itself make one an effective trainer.

The trainer must be a good speaker apart from his/her being a master in the subject.

There are other aspects of training which have come to the fore in the changing business environment. The internet, which until a few years ago was unheard off as a marketing tool has now become extremely important; and it is developing at a very fast pace. The marketing executives and the team members need to know the intricacies of this growing medium. Social media, professional groups on the net are also assuming importance. Their proper understanding and implementation also becomes a subject of specialized training. Keeping the above in view, we have on board a highly motivated team of trainers. Their vast experience in different aspects of management in some illustrious organizations is appropriately complemented by the passionate approach which they employ in their training sessions.

Besides the training content are chosen with great discretion to meet the industry requirements. For conducting training at the client venue for their group – the objectives are properly understood and the program is suitably modified or customized.