Advanced Selling Skills

Grow Your Sales Abilities!

​This unique sales program takes you through modern sales methods. Modern Sales Techniques discourage pressure selling, or intensive follow ups. Nothing is done which would be objected to by the prospect. This highly interactive program trains you consider yourself as a sales consultant rather than a sales executive. You become an adviser to the prospect. You offer the best possible solution to the prospect through a free and frank discussion. Whether you offer tangible or intangible products or even a service; such offer is always in the form of professional advisory help. Consultative Sales Techniques are particularly useful where your sales prospects are senior executives or high net worth individuals

  • Assess  the buying preferences of the customer 

  • List  effective questions that can be used to develop an understanding of the customers' motivational drivers and aspirations 

  • Demonstrate how to build rapport with a wide variety of customers 

  • Describe  how to match product solutions to customers individual needs and buying styles 

  • Understand different customer behaviour

  • Handle  Customer Objections 

  • Demonstrate  how to gain commitment to the next step.
    AMP  – Account Management Process

  • BPP - Business Plan Process

How you will benefit

  • Develop the confidence to assume the role of an adviser even to the senior executives.

  • Use interview techniques to assess specific needs of the client.

  • Develop the ability to foster and maintain long term relationships

  • Develop the ability to understand unspoken resistance that might come in your way.

  • Learn how and when to close the sale and be never be in a hurry.

  • Making best use your time and monitor the results of your efforts.