Infinite Disha offers a wide range of

Job Ready Sales Training Programs (Both Online & Offline) supplemented by Personality Development Program.

  • We use practical & theoretical tools and our expertise to help you become a Seasoned Sales Professional.

  • In the time of pandemic; Sales Career remained the most effective way to grow and establish yourself. 

  • Explore endless sales opportunities and new avenues for business success

  • A continuous growth journey with constant skill enhancement

  • Unlimited earning potential, rewards and incentives of sales career

  • Quickly climb the corporate ladder to make top- level managers

  • Become accomplished Sales leaders

  • Sales is a versatile career of constant demand


Job Ready Skills

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Basic Selling Skills

Sales is a most important function in any organisation because it’s a revenue generator for the organisation. To get the sales & build reputation in the market , one need to have skilled & passionate manpower.
The biggest challenge for the organisations is to train the sales staff on the effective selling skills & build an attitude of a star salesman.
The program will be most ideal for , Freshers or sales person with little experience . As the title suggests the program will cover all the basic aspects of selling.


Advanced Selling Skills

The landscape of buying and selling has changed more in recent years than it has in the past several decades. Buyers are more sophisticated and, thanks to the Internet, are awash in information and research. Yet, at the same time, executives are searching—often in vain—for new ways to innovate, compete, and improve their success.
When sellers bring valuable insights and ideas to buyers that they hadn’t previously considered, sellers strengthen their relationships, differentiate from competition, and win more sales.
This program is tailor made for experienced sales executives / managers who are looking out for additional skills& insight to win over the difficult Customers

Phone Call

Business Communication

In the digital age, the need for communication is not replaced by technology. It has in fact grown deeper in complexity and broader in context. Today’s professionals and corporate employees and managers are required to connect with diverse global audiences with little or no preparation (given the speed of doing business) and yet expected to strike an emotional chord instantaneously. Communication is a vital skill that has large benefits from the personal to the professional. Studying Communication Skills improves self-knowledge and self-perception and it helps us see how we impact others positively (or negatively).

Business Meeting

Managing Business With Existing Customer

We all know that for Organizations, acquiring a new customer is costlier than retaining a Customer. The responsibility of a good CRM is not only with the Customer Service or Sales Department, but of all the Departments.
Knowing all the stakeholders, their role & their needs is important to ensure great customer service. Desire alone will not help anyone to give a best experience to their customers, one needs to develop skills & knowledge to do it.

Networking Event

Generate Leads

Qualified leads are the life blood of high earning & top performing teams.One of the most common challenges in sales is getting new prospects into the front of the pipeline. This program covers the best ways to prospect, including how to set appointments using the telephone, email, direct mail, online tactics, and the other methods available to you

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Personality Developmemt

If you want to sell a vision, if you need people to visualize a new reality you can create for them, and if you need to be able to persuade people, then you need to be able to present with skill and savvy.
Our presentation skills workshop covers the keys behind great presentations and demonstrations, and will equip you with the presentation skills you need to influence, persuade, and sell.