Sales Consulting - Infinite Disha

When times are good, sales can seem almost effortless. But when you’re not getting the performance you need, finding and fixing the problem can be a major frustration.

Our sales consulting services help to clarify and align your organization’s sales strategy with business objectives and resources to ensure maximum sales performance. Depending on your needs, your sales consultant can create an immediate impact by developing and implementing specific recommendations in areas such as target markets and customers, leveraging your value proposition, optimizing sales channels and more.

We have extensive professional sales and sales management experience, as well as an in-depth understanding of the various verticals in which we consult. As a result, we are one of the few companies in our space that can offer an industry-specific understanding of how strategy, processes and skills align to create high-performing sales organizations. Some of the areas we consult include:


  • Customer  Relationship Models

  • Development  of Value Proposition

  • Target  Market Clarification

  • End-to-End  Sales Process

  • Prospecting  & Business Development

  • Account  Planning

  • Opportunity  Management

  • Territory   Alignment & Management

  • Forecasting  & Pipeline

  • Sales  Performance Metrics

  • Information Management & CRM

  • Sales Coaching Practices

  • Sales Compensation Planning & Development

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