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Sales Management

Understand the factors that impact sales performance and where managers can have the greatest influence
Help sellers build meaningful and achievable goal and action plans to maximize performance
Hold sellers accountable to their actions and goals
Excel in the 5 roles and 5 rules that make for a great sales manager
Manage the sales pipeline of their teams with rigor and accuracy
Speed up sales and get the most out of each opportunity
Coach for top performance, motivation, and execution
Be effective communicators and decision makers

Time & Stress Management

TIME MANAGEMENT: Concept, importance and need of time management and different time management ideas and styles.
STRESS MANAGEMENT: Introduction to stress management causes of stress, impact of stress, stress management techniques.
INTERVIEW SKILL: Basic aspect and techniques of interviews, how to face an interview successfully.
GOAL SETTING AND COUNSELLING: Concept of goal setting, developing goal oriented behavior 


Basic Selling Skills

Explain and demonstrate the selling and buying processes.
Plan and prepare for meetings.
Construct questions in a sales context and listen effectively to the customer’s responses.
Explain how effective communication can assist them when conducting a sales interview and building long term relationships with customers.
Match product solutions to customer’s individual needs.
Identify different buyer types.
Demonstrate how to gain customer commitment to the next step.
Detail how to close a sale effectively, or gain commitment to future action.

Advanced Selling Skills

Assess the buying preferences of the customer
List effective questions that can be used to develop an understanding of the customers' motivational drivers and aspirations
Demonstrate how to build rapport with a wide variety of customers
Describe how to match product solutions to customers individual needs and buying styles
Understand different customer behaviour
Handle Customer Objections
Demonstrate how to gain commitment to the next step.
AMP – Account Management Process
BPP – Business Plan Process